Every day I get messages from friends and complete strangers  asking me how I went from Parks and Rec Chris Pratt to Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt about 9 months. When I’m asked ‘What did you do?’ it’s hard to give a simple short answer that I think most people want to hear.  While you can see my obvious physical transformation, the true change has been what you can’t see.  The question I want to answer is “How did you get clean and into recovery from opioids after years of a destructive addiction?”  “How did you find a way out of the dark hole of depression you were in and manage your manic depressive disorder?”  Well, the reason we want that simple answer is a common thread that connects all of us.  


We all want the next short term fix.  You see, I realized quickly with my addition that I wasn’t taking drugs to get high, I was taking them to not feel sick.  But the fix that addicts and alcoholics seek to just ‘feel normal’  is no different than the fix everyone seeks, like that fast food fix that gives a sugar rush and a false feeling of satisfaction, that binge watching TV fix that numbs us from the problems in real life, or the fix of social media likes and comments that trigger the same dopamine receptors in your brain as cocaine. The short term fix is an easy way to numb ourselves from everything, and trust me I have done them all, but what if we chose the long term fix. 


It’s the fix that takes hard work and sacrifice, the fix that requires love and support, the fix that mandates consistency, routine, and boundaries, it’s that fix that I needed and I know a lot of others who do too.  That is what I’`m excited to talk to you about every week with my new weekly podcast and web videos The Fix.  The pandemic has sparked a dramatic increase in depression, overdoses, suicides, domestic violence and funding for programs to help are being slashed by the millions as we speak.  That’s why I am doing this.  We need to talk, share, listen, learn and help each other find a long term fix that changes everything. 


I’m not an expert, and I’m not a self help guru, but I’ve been through the shit just like you have, so I hope sharing these experiences, talking with leaders, experts and people we look up to here in the Omaha area will help break down some of those barriers holding us back. Subscribe to the weekly podcast at it’s the fix dot com, and look for weekly web videos with practical tips on everything from finding the right nutrition, to goal setting and finding the right workouts to achieve them, or even to how to overcome the withdrawals of addiction, and so much more.





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