It's The Fix

When I was battling my addiction to opioids I learned that the short term fix is never going to be enough. But I also realized that these fixes aren't just drugs or alcohol, these fixes are the fast food we eat, the 10 hours straight of binge watching TV, our phones and social media apps that we can't look away from. We fall for the short term fix because it numbs our mind and body so that we don't have to deal with reality. 


What if instead we invested in a long term fix?  


I was sober for 2 1/2 years - but I still felt miserable.  I was at what should have been the pinnacle of my career, hosting a morning radio show and a #1 rated television show - but I still felt miserable.


But then, about a year ago, I slowly started to cut those short term fixes out of my life and guess what - I didn't feel as miserable. I started working out, changed my nutrition, changed my lifestyle and 9 months later I found myself 40 lbs lighter and mentally healthier than I had been since I was 23 years old. 


Join us every week on our podcast as we share our stories of addiction, recovery, depression, remaking our bodies to find balance, and talk with local experts, leaders, and public figures who have gone through the same mental health struggles we all deal with.  

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welcome to the fix